My loves and passions are knitting and cooking. Add some European type board games to the mix, political outrage, and a propensity to rant, and lately spinning, well, you’ve got me.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me, but it did take me away from facebook, a good thing. Facebook is taking away actual communication. You know, the kind where people pick up the phone or knock on your door coming over for a cup of tea and a visit.

Years ago I predicted that one day we’ll all sit in front of our computers and talk to each other instead of getting out and about and meeting people. Folks could be chatting with their neighbors without knowing how close they are.

This happened to us when Stephen was posting on a blog about a political issue in our town and got into a back in forth with another poster. It took a little while until we figured out it was our new neighbor.

This blog will be my connection to the world outside my town. A connection to friends I can’t connect to in person every day. A way to keep everyone updated on my life.

The repeating characters on this blog most likely will be Stephen (my partner and love in life), our daughter Liana and son Toby. Can’t forget our furry friend Daisy, a dog. The setting is Nevada City in Northern California, a few hours up and east from San Francisco where we started out many years ago.

Our favorite answer, a story really, is to the question: Where did you and Stephen meet? In San Francisco jail. Let your imagination go wild, it is probably much better than the actual story.

Another big event in my life is my brother in a teacup. Eventually you’ll probably hear all about it. And my latest milestone is a massive heart attack October 12, 2012 and quadruple bypass surgery a few days later followed by a pulmonary embolism.



2 Responses to About

  1. Theresa Lyon says:

    Mariana! Yes you are brilliant! What a wonderful blog, and beautiful pictures. Lots of love, Teresita

  2. Diane Cherry says:

    Genius-at-work! This is wonderful! Seriously! Don’t know how but you have just managed to add yet another activity to your already full plate … Livin’ large! xoxoxo cereza

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